Slate Lamps


Coniston Stonecraft design and make a range of beautiful slate lamps. The slate we use is hewn from the Cumbrian landscapes around us by hand and carefully crafted into eye-catching designs. Our team of talented craftspeople are experts at working with this tactile and durable natural material and are passionate about the sustainability of our work.


For a lighting solution that not only stands out but will also perform in your home, our unique lamps make the most of the natural patterns in the slate to make stunning lighting pieces. Our slate lamps are available in a choice of sizes from smaller polished slate lamps to rustic cylindrical lamps that make gorgeous and unique floor lamps. Whether you prefer the smooth surface of polished slate or the rough finish of a rustic lamp, our lamps are all wired with nickel fittings hidden inside the slate outer shell.


Our lamps are ideally suited as table lamps in communal spaces, bedside lamps in bedrooms or desk lamps in living quarters. Hefty enough to be secure but attractive enough to look good anywhere, we pride ourselves on making stylish slate homeware suited to a variety of environments.


To best match your interior space, we offer a choice of Westmorland Green slate or Brathay Blue in most of our lamps ensuring you get the unique lamp you’re after. Team our lamps with a Herdwick wool lampshade by Cable and Blake for a Lake District grown, crafted and finished item that will create a talking point in any home or office. Check out our collaborations page for more designs made from our creative partnerships.


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