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Spring on the slopes of the Coniston Old Man

Spring on the slopes of the Coniston Old Man

This winter wasn’t harsh in historical terms, here at the copper house, we were inconvenienced a couple of times when our water source from mines beck froze, meaning we couldn’t use our stone cutting equipment, and a couple of days the snow caused us a few issues with deliveries and despatch, but overall it was similar to most years, we did have a lot of rain though and at times the hydroelectric station just down on church beck sounded like it was fit to explode with all the water powering through it, I swear its output was matching Sellafield at times!

But now it’s May and the daffodils have graced us with their yellowy presence and now it’s the turn of the bluebells to brighten our views. Lovely little plants are bluebells, they carpet the shady groves and woodland floors until all you see is a haze of azure blue. A walk in the woods in the lake district is a magical experience at any time, but when the bluebells are flowering it is serene and a truly uplifting sensation.

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Coniston stonecraft workshops are perched on the slopes of ‘Coniston Old Man’ on each side of us run ‘becks’ taking the mountain rain to coniston water. Church beck powers the small hydro electric station that provides all our power needs, and mines beck is used to cool all our cutting and polishing machines (removing our… Continue Reading

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